You have an idea.
We make ideas reality.

about brrrilliant

brrrilliant is a consulting and software development services company geared toward startups.

We are software developers, product managers and entrepreneurs. We are deeply skilled technologists, but unlike most technologists, we think of technology from the business value that they derive and the internal operations that they support. Our founders have guided businesses for over two decades to tackle new ventures and transform organizations into innovators. We entered the startup space to address the lack of expertise and guidance that is available to startups.

We guide the process, assist in shaping the product, engage users, and do full-stack software development. We specialize in web and mobile apps, data analytics platforms, and IoT. Partner with us to lead your solution development with the risk-reducing methodologies of Agile and Lean Startup.

Sanity-Check Your Idea

You have a great idea. You’re pretty sure it’s a winner. But now what? We here at brrrilliant will listen to your idea to see if it has legs. And if it’s not quite there, we will help it grow some [legs]. We will assess whether your idea has linear or exponential growth potential, whether it can be tweaked to create high leverage of its value, and whether it will require a large amount of up-front capital before it delivers ROI. We will also advise you on how you might focus and optimize your efforts and minimize your MVP.
This is your starting point. This is time well spent.

Shape Your Product

You understand your idea, the business, even the functionality that you want to offer. You may have even created mock-ups for each screen of your app. This is the norm for entrepreneurs to be steeped in the functionality of their offering. We have found time and again that entrepreneurs overspend on bells and whistles, yet miss the critical evaluation of the value and growth hypotheses, and the metrics that pinpoint the issues. With our help, you’ll avoid the pitfalls on the path to success.

Start Developing
Mobile. Web. Data. Cloud.

Whether you need a prototype to show investors, an MVP for early release, or are ready for your next phase of development, we are your trusted partners. As an entrepreneur, you need an expert team that will guide the process while building a quality product. You need a team that communicates, advises and delivers a solution that makes you say, “Now that’s brrrilliant!”

Mobile: iOS native (Swift), Android native, React native
Web/Backend: Ruby, Python, NodeJS
Data: AWS stack, Jupyter, Python
Cloud: AWS